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Topic: The Long And Winding Road

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    The Long And Winding Road

    This is by The Beatles.. I listened to original quite a few times. I wanted to catch the riffs, and the feeling of the song.
    I made it some what less theatrical, a bit more laid back.. It's kinda orchestral/Electronic/with a bit of jazz..
    Extened it with two solos. Altered some of the riffs a bit, so as not to be so literal..

    I always liked the song, but working on it, gave me a new respect for both the song and Mr. McCartney. He once described the Beatle work as, 'they liked to put the little tidbits in, to make for repeated listenings, and draw the listener into the song more.. Man they could do that.

    Still trying the Ringo Star tom fills.. I included a kick drum too.. When the drums are sparse, it makes it so much easier for other delicate parts to come to the surface.

    The Long And Winding Road - https://app.box.com/s/lni6q8mihw8f3rttnd107t6jmx4zr5px

    Score - https://app.box.com/s/dh7ysnlurup1ehr196ul97zwqe2zbfxe

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    Re: The Long And Winding Road

    Hi angelonyc,

    This is a pretty interesting version of McCartney’s song. It definitely has more of a jazz club feel to it and some tastefully added sounds. It might fall on deaf ears for those not familiar with the lyrics and that time but we will always remember.

    It was was probably the best cut on that album. Phil Spector’s added orchestration maybe took away some of the intimacy but I think it worked. I would have liked to have heard the original Get Back sessions that Glyn Johns produced but were rejected by the band. Maybe it shows just how important the right producer(GM) is in creating a solid album.


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    Re: The Long And Winding Road

    I read many years ago, Paul was really pissed by Spector's additions he made. The Beatles were more of less fed up with each other, and just dumped the unfinished tapes on Phil and told him to 'fix them'. In McCartney's eyes, Phil had bastardized the song. Spector even boasted he had an additional part play a 6th to one of McCartney's.

    see - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Long_and_Winding_Road

    If you watch the The White house Paul McCartney special, on YouTube.. Various bands did covers of his songs.. He is almost nervously counting and acknowledging every little 'tidbit' as he liked to call them.. Wanting to make sure everyone got all his nuances, right.

    This song and several others made me realize how brilliant he is..

    As I worked on the song, I was struck struck at the nuanced relationship of the riffs he added into the song. Right at the beginning he plays those piano chords in a rhythm, the orchestra follows. making it very grand immediately.. I simplified the rhythm, and changed some noted, so the phrase wasn't so dominant. As I tinkered around more with it. I realized how 'pliable' the song was.. You could make some changes, reshape it, and it still held it's 'intention'. I took out some of the grandeur, and melancholy out of it..

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    Re: The Long And Winding Road

    So tasteful and when you play the theme with this lovely sounding violin I realize how beautiful music this is, both the original and your version. Straight to the heart. Thank you.


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    Re: The Long And Winding Road

    The violin and cello are by Virharmonic in the UVI format.. i use it with UVI's Falcon, a very capable sound engine, with a lot of extra's in it. But I'm just using the violin and cello straight. Both instruments are very expressive, pretty much any notes played thru them sound amazing. Thanx

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    Re: The Long And Winding Road

    Hi Mark

    This is impressive. A very wealthy and varied performance. I really like your approach and sound. Beautiful solo violin also.

    If you allow me a little hint: some instruments (solos) come in very directly and right up in your face (too close compared with the rest) as if they were playing in a different smaller room. I know that you've combined different libraries of which some have a natural reverb and the others don't. That makes it a bit tricky to put them together on the same virtual stage. In pop music that happens regularly (synths vs acoustic instruments), but in a more traditional classical perspective it's rather unusual. Not that it is disturbing, but I experience it as a lack of unity.

    But as a whole, a lovely piece! Please go on that way!

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    Re: The Long And Winding Road

    Thanx for the sound stage comment. Yes, I get that a fair amount. I purposely do this, just to 'unsettle' the listener, psychology, it has an effect. The human brain splits up sound data coming into the ear, into 5 different processes, pitch recognition, rhythm, there is a whole process just for 'sound location. etc. This is done in separate areas of the brain, the 5 streams of data are sent somewhere else and then re-intergatesd (confabulate is the proper term) this back into the or sound or music that we hear. .. Before this is done, it is only data that is coming into the ear. This psychologic area fascinates me.. This was from a free course 'Biology as music' at Coursera.org.. The course is rather dry, but quite informative.

    Neil Young's 'After The Goldfish' (released 1970 or so) changed my viewpoint on reverb, cause several songs on that album are completely close miked and dry.. Most better studios had large EMT Plates, and tended to drowned everything in reverb to 'sound professional. I had never heard music like that before. It has a definite impact. After that I just about banished reverb. But I've also heard classical music and some great acousitc spaces here in NYC.. And yes, it does homogenize, and glue the orchestra together.. I understand that.

    I SHOULD do a piece, where I make an effort to have the intstruments on a unified sound stage. In fact I will tackle a piece and do that. it would be a good learning lesson for me.

    Thank you..

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    Re: The Long And Winding Road

    Good to learn about your point of view!


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