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Topic: Updated to Cubase 5.0 -- Now have lost Giga

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    Updated to Cubase 5.0 -- Now have lost Giga

    Ok. I\'m now bewildered and definately in need of some expert advice.

    Here\'s my problem: Had Gigastudio 96 and Cubase 3.7 completely peacefully coexisting, everything working fine. Today, I upgraded to Cubase 5.0, and suddenly Gigastudio won\'t work at the same time as Cubase.

    Here\'s my setup:
    - Dell 1 Ghz Pentium
    - Turtle Beach Santa Cruz soundcard
    - Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96 soundcard
    - Gigastudio 96
    - Cubase 5.0

    Gigastudio works fine on its own, but when I launch Cubase, it stops responding. It registers that midi input on notes are coming in, but no sound is coming out.

    Its as if Cubase is \"stealing\" the sound card. But I haven\'t changed anything from version 3.7, and I didn\'t have to do anything special there to get them working together.

    I\'m befuddled. Am I missing something?

    Any help would be appreciated. I\'m desperate.



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    Re: Updated to Cubase 5.0 -- Now have lost Giga

    I had the same problem the solution is as siple as first open Cubase and then open gigasampler/studio...

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    Re: Updated to Cubase 5.0 -- Now have lost Giga

    Thanks for the advice.

    I tried that this morning - Loaded up Cubase first, then ran Gigastudio.

    Still nothing.

    Any other advice?

    I feel like an idiot because I know that I\'m not using a wierd configuration, surely people must be getting the aardvark and the turtle beach to work with both giga and cubase?

    Any ideas?


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