I\'m brand new to this forum, so first of all, \"hello to all\".

Just a couple questions to anyone who can help...

I will be purchasing my comp. system very soon and already own some of the software/libraries that I want.

(1.)My first question is will I be able to run QLSO-Gold Ed., GOS, and Atmosphere together to incorporate sounds from ea. lib. into one compostion? I ask this because GOS is for GS, and the others aren\'t.

(2.)As for my computer system, I plan on getting a P4 2.8GHz, 2 GB RAM....any reccomendations on a soundcard? I am leaning towards the M-Audio Delta 1010, or Delta 1010 LT. Any reccomendations?

(3.) Finally, I have already bought my sequencer (Cubase SX 2.0). Can anyone tell me how the \"score view\" is? Being a Finale user for scoring, does CubaseSX have a note entry tool and a way to create user-defined tuplets (not just triplets, but subdivisions of 5,6,7...etc)?

Many thanks in advance for any help with this.