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Topic: Elegy for Strings, Op.14

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    Elegy for Strings, Op.14

    Long time ago I may have uploaded the original piece, but that was way back in the past.
    Here is the revision of the same composition. Of course with Overture 5. All further info is in the
    Youtube movie. Hopefully you enjoy it, at least I did making it shine with all sorts of
    control values, keyswitches, a bit equalizing and above all mastering the complicated
    VSL Chamber strings.



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    Senior Member tedvanya's Avatar
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    Re: Elegy for Strings, Op.14

    Again I am excusing myself for my antiquated taste. Listening twice, I found several places where either the melody or the cords you use make me understand what you are saying with your music. My stupid old brain always looking for gratifying romance, so it is difficult for me to fully appreciate this work. Oh yes, I admire your orchestration skills, and how you get so close to "real" (as always).
    Hope you'll forgive my blurb here, I just could not resist commenting on something as skillfully done as your Elegy.

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    Re: Elegy for Strings, Op.14

    Hi Raymond,

    At this time of the year (Autumn, remembrances of our departed beloved ones...) your elegy comes in with a perfect timing. That's not the only thing. With detailed strings you managed to capture a whole series of emotions connected to the sad passages in life. The whole piece breathes some controlled sadness and hope, bundled in various contrasting motives. And as you say, it's not always that easy to control the chamber strings as to make the best of their expression abilities.
    I agree with Ted, that you did a great job in your typical musical idiom.

    A big round of applause!
    Jos Wylin

    http://www.joswyl.be compositions and sampling practices

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    Re: Elegy for Strings, Op.14

    So peaceful and relaxing music you have composed Raymond. The music is simply gorgeous, full of emotions and beautiful themes. Masterly.


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    Re: Elegy for Strings, Op.14

    I enjoyed your Elegy Raymond.

    There is a lot to think about while listening to this work and as the music affects you in a deeper way.

    Melodic music with touches of dissonance, thoughtfully and skillfully realized.


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    Re: Elegy for Strings, Op.14

    It is sometimes said that Mozart’s Don Giovanni was the first music in history imbued with a frightening or terrifying quality. True or not, the quality can be striking and almost heart-arresting! We all know that atonal music is intrinsically suitable for such expression, hence, its near overuse in horror soundtracks! However, as I listen to this haunting work, I am captivated by your winning combination of a ghostly and somewhat frightening sound with a sound of ethereal beauty. Your musical thinking is intelligent and I found this product of your thoughts and feelings to be most interesting!

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    Re: Elegy for Strings, Op.14

    Hello friends,

    nice to read that you liked this piece. It was hard getting those VSL Chamber Strings play as intended, but be sure it was quite fun struggling thru all sorts of "patches" and their behaviour. This was an old piece which needed revision and by reading your comments I succeeded doing so. Many thanks.

    Now going for another solo piano piece. Not as easy as all others presented at this forum. We'll see how it develops. In my mind it sounds wonderful, but the problem as always is how to get those ideas on paper in notes.

    Greetings from a cold Holland (the first day with temperatures below zero),


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