Okay, I'm still using some very old software. It took me years and a ridiculous amount of cash to put together a workable DAW, back when my arthritis wasn't so bad and I could still play the keyboard. I recorded MIDI tracks of all my music and have been painstakingly orchestrating it since then. I am nearly at the end of this project, making very minor tweaks here and there. But something has suddenly stopped working and I don't know how to fix it.

Unfortunately, I can't afford the time and expense of upgrading my whole system, which is what it would take to improve virtually any part of it (even something as simple as migrating to the newest editions of Sonar or virtually any of my VI libraries). So, I have to make this work.

Here's what's going on: When I play back a composition in Sonar 6, where I have used any of the NI Akoustic Piano instruments, everything sounds normal. But, when I export the mix from Sonar to a WAV file, it sounds wrong. Specifically, it's ignoring all the damper pedal events (up and down). I haven't been able to repair this by re-recording these events with my keyboard's pedal -- or even re-entering the pedal events on the Sonar score view. If I record a new piece (though I can't really play, these days -- I mean, just strike a chord and hold the pedal down to see if it sustains, in a new file), I get the same result. It sounds okay when I play it back -- but, when I export it, the damper events are lost and it doesn't sustain. This only happens with NI Akoustic piano. The other instruments are fine and the pedal events work as expected.

I'm afraid to re-install either application because of potential difficulties of reauthorizing them. I remember that NI's registration process was particularly flaky -- and that the company wasn't very good about supporting its older authorization schemes. I had a similar issue with a Rolland software sampler years ago, which it stopped reauthorizing and basically told me that I was out of luck when I tried to install it on my current system.

Any ideas?