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Topic: Happy Halloween!

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    Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween, everybody!
    Video was created with Mandelbulb 3D and Omnisphere.

    Thank you for watching,

    my web place

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    Re: Happy Halloween!

    Hi Slava,

    This is a great soundscape to a very creative video wit just a transforming mask!

    Well done!

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    Re: Happy Halloween!

    Nice, very nice. Lots of work that video. And the music is completely fit for this motion.



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    Re: Happy Halloween!

    Thanks Jos and Raymond for watching and your kind words.
    I got addicted to making animations 3 months ago and I'm very pleased you liked it.


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    Re: Happy Halloween!

    Great piece, also loved your video.. I tried to learn the aromatic software, but got overwhelmed by it.. Congrats to you, for learning and working with it.. Yes, the music and video go together extremely well.

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    Re: Happy Halloween!

    I guess that people watching this movie read off different faces here and that is an interesting psychological effect. Man seems to have a certain ability to see human faces in arbitrary structures even if there is none. This effect appeared also in my Nerja video previously posted here (no thread theft). People looking at this video saw faces everywhere in the cave.
    Maybe this is your message with the movie which is nicely supported with thoughtful music.


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