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Topic: Symphony Electric

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    Senior Member fastlane's Avatar
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    Symphony Electric

    Here's something a little different.

    Mostly electronic sounds except for the third section.

    Symphony Electric

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    Re: Symphony Electric

    Mr. Fastlane,

    on this very saturday morning at 07:30 I started listening to this marvellous piece of music.

    The first part reminded me of some future city, the skyline of a destroyed surrounding in the 22-th century (Sci-Fi). You best know these pictures were futuristic flying cars are crossing the sky, looking for a place to land.
    The second part gives me a relief, friendly and loveable. As if everything wasn't that bad.
    Then the third part came in, more some prolongation of the previous moods.
    Part number 4 is rather strange, for me not quite adequate to those first three, but interesting and lovely fades out.

    In one word,great.


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    Re: Symphony Electric

    I really like this.. The mixing of electronic and traditional music. Quite enjoyable. Pauses quite effective..

    Thanx for the inspiring piece.

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    Senior Member tedvanya's Avatar
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    Re: Symphony Electric

    I have apologized before for my romantic likes, so I will not repeat it. When I got to about 5;20,I was enjoying your music very much. It is truly beautiful from there on, and the last part lost me.
    But that loved part is still in my ears and heart, it showed your heart and talent to me.


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    Senior Member Tom_Davis's Avatar
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    Re: Symphony Electric

    Really quite nice. I am very interested in applying electronic music within a traditional orchestration, so this piece is especially attractive to me.


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    Re: Symphony Electric

    Hi Phil,

    It took me some time to listen to your marvellous piece, but finally here I am. 4 different sections, 4 different moods and orchestrations. I agree with Raymond that the last one is a bit out of the rest, but nevertheless interesting.
    It is true that the electronics from the late eighties have a certain charm and that they opened a whole new sonic world to all kinds of composers. It was no longer necessary to create the sounds in endless programmed strings on primitive gear. That made it possible to focus more on the musical content that on the technical aspect.
    What you did is simple wonderful: exploring the preprogrammed samples combining them into a colourful composition. Really great!
    The opening section reminds me of my old Roland SCC1-days.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Jos Wylin

    iMac 27', 1 Tb HDD, 256 Gb SDD, 32 Gb RAM
    GPO 5, VSL, LSO, Kontakt 5
    Notion 6, Finale 2014, Studio One Pro 3, Logic Pro X
    Roland QuadCapture

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    Re: Symphony Electric

    Dear Phil
    The 10 minutes are already gone. Music that can make me forget about time is of course brilliant. I was so deeply focused on the music that I actually didn't reproduce any pictures at all. I listened to the nice melodies and to the rich sound picture and thought if I should pick up any of that sound myself. Someone told me Beethoven would have loved the sound bank today's electronic offer us and indeed it offers creators like you infinite possibilities.
    I do think that maybe you could provide some sort of program notes helping the listener with the images and impressions.
    Great composition.


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