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Topic: The Choirs of Garritan IO and GPO5

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    The Choirs of Garritan IO and GPO5

    Has anyone ever used any of the choirs from Garritan Instant Orchestra or Garriton Personal Orchestra 5? I have been experimenting with them lately and they actually sound pretty good. Sure, they don't have all the true legato stuff etc, but the actual tone and sound is nice, actually better to my ears than some of the expensive libraries I have bought. They are warm and smooth and not so raspy and muddy like I find in other libraries. Just put a heavy reverb on them, and you got some really dreamy voices going on. The patches I have been using are the full choir from GIO and the children's choir from GPO5. Also, unlike a lot of the other instruments in the GPO series (unfortunately) these also have the attack and release controllers. I'm still baffled as to why Make Music/Garritan refuses to even update their products to add these pretty much standard controllers to their libraries, it's the *ONLY* reason why I'm not going to buy any more of their products. I was going to buy their piano and harp libraries, but then after the let down of no attack and release controllers for GWI, GPO4, and GPO5 for most instruments I figured they would still follow down that same path. Anyways, enough of that. The choirs are good and fully functional, and if you haven't tried them yet it's definitely worth it.


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    Re: The Choirs of Garritan IO and GPO5

    Thank you for this message. Rather useful. Though I am not ready using choirs, it is nice to know that they are satisfactory.



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    Re: The Choirs of Garritan IO and GPO5

    I have received a lot of compliments after using the solo soprano voice in Garritan libraries.


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