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Topic: Spring - Lente in Dutch

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    Spring - Lente in Dutch

    The last of the Images for solo piano. Now I need some vacation, getting Vienna stuff working under Overture 5.
    Wish me good luck.



    [PS. As always, spring comes with a thunderstorm ..... ]

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    Re: Spring - Lente in Dutch

    Hi Raymond,

    Let me be the first to congratulate you with this amazing piece. Spring is in all regards a fantastic composition. Beautifully shaped, very detailed attacks and accents, huge dynamic contrasts with carefully designed velocity XF... A piano at its best, never sounding boring or dull. It is such a powerful and rich creation, so well performed with the most realistic sound. You can easily fool live piano players with this one! (Although this was not your intention, I know.) It only proves again that you must have been a terrific performer and a 'connaisseur' of the instrument (and still are). Undoubtedly you've saved this one for the last in the series because of its skilful performance, awesome sound and lush composition technique.

    A big round of applause is more than deserved here!
    Jos Wylin

    http://www.joswyl.be compositions and sampling practices

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    Re: Spring - Lente in Dutch

    Wow.. very impressive. It covers a fair amount of territory, yet remains cohesive.. Tempo transitions are excellent. Yes, you are an excellent piano teacher. I am very impressed by your work.

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    Re: Spring - Lente in Dutch

    I could hear the loud applause after listening to your Spring Raymond.

    This was definitely high energy, very creative piano work. I think maybe your’re a romanticist at heart but you take it to the edge.


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    Re: Spring - Lente in Dutch

    For all the guys who want to listen to the complete serie:


    Many thanks for your comments, they meant a lot to me.


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