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Topic: Snowflakes

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    Here's a piece I did 3 years ago.. I was exploring the accordion sound, and the nostalga, it and the flute impart when used. Of course the delicate bells certainly sing Xmas, holidays, snow.. I'm in a log cabin on the side of a mountain, in a beautiful snowstorm and of course the fireplace roaring.. Something like when I was a child in the woods of New Hampshire on visits to my Grandparents.

    I was also playing with a 'looser and longer chord progressions', to give it a somewhat wandering less structured feel.. I search out a varied sound canvas (trying to find complementing sounds).. On a subconscious level, it takes the listener to a different place, because it is not a 'standard arrangement', or grouping of instruments (or that's what I'm aiming at).

    This piece might have more motifs than warrant a 4 minute piece, but again, this I hope 'loosens' things up.. I was locked into writing 3 minute pop songs for more decades than I'd like to admit.

    While everyone here is much more 'classically inspired' .. I hope I can fit in. I am looking to gain a 'pop classical' flavor in works, and here is certainly a great site to be inspired by the compositions here. I am obvious inspired by the Beatles, and Brian Wilson.. I recently read, how Brian had gotten into pop 'modular composing'.. That is he separately wrote small sections - 8, 16, 32, 64 bars compositions, separately and then strung them together, finding certain instruments, and variations of motif, to make it seem like cohesive whole.. That I what I am hoping to learn more at.

    Snowflakes - https://app.box.com/s/g59q6vx5jufuxdctzn87

    Snowflakes Score: - https://app.box.com/s/e2plk9t8rzqoqzm4jnvu

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    Re: Snowflakes

    While the style is not my cup of tea, I listened and enjoyed your Snowflakes. I hope you are not serious about fitting in here with your talent. Besides enjoyment, we get good lessons in orchestration and composition, of which you are a witch.
    Keep posting, please

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    Re: Snowflakes

    Just a note to say thank you for sharing "Snowflakes" here. It is clearly a well thought out piece and your handling of the motifs is excellent. Hope to hear a lot from you in the future.


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    Re: Snowflakes

    As Ted says, it is suprisingly good. Keep posting. On the Monday morning this piece got me in the mood to work.

    Nice, very nice.


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    Re: Snowflakes

    I liked Snowflakes. I could imagine it being used as soundtrack music for a frolicking type of scene or other type of activity in any season but it does feel more like the holidays. It was very well put together!

    I imagine Brian Wilson’s song writing technique you mentioned began in earnest with Pet Sounds and then probably more so on the lost and finally recorded Smile album. Unfortunately, probably his best years for creating music were plagued by mental health and substance abuse issues.

    Feel free to post any genre here. Well, maybe not any, any.

    Originally this was a Garritan samples library based forum and they were being used in mixed styles.


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    Re: Snowflakes


    This composition is very attractive in many ways. It's easy listening and yet well thought through, it's a very good recording and rendition, the instruments have a natural feel and sound, the themes are well tied together and build a pleasant whole... One small remark though: did you use two flutes (or just a chorus plugin)?

    You've made my day with this one. What accordion sample did you use?


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    Re: Snowflakes

    Thank you gentlemen very much for the kind words.. Although I've been coming to this site for a few years, plowing thru the Jazz arranging course. I just recently looked into the song forum. I especially appreciate the quality and experience of the contributors here. You guys are making serious music here; and you know your stuff. I hope to learn much here.

    It's been awhile since I did this piece, (archived and not easily available). There are two flute parts, although one probably has some chorus, with a short delay, reverb. I often print effects on the individual audio track.

    The accordion came from a Yamaha Tyros 5, The Tyros is an 'arranger' kbd.. Does a pretty good job of a 'one man band'.. But the last 5 years, I've stepped back from making music that sounds like a 5 piece band.. I'm more interested in creating a bigger sound (many instruments).. So each instrument has to play less, (thinned down), I enjoy using some traditional sounds (to ground the piece), along with synthesized artificial sounds. It's a juggling act.

    Regarding the score.. For the last 8 years, I've been using Logic Pro's Score Editor. It just displays the midi tracks. I sometimes create 'for display only tracks'.. That is I clean up the midi data, do not assign it to a sound, and just use on the Score page, so it's not as messy looking. You can really get into it, drawing glisses, etc.. But I don't have the patience for that right now. (should)

    Using Logic's score editor has been a great teacher. The visual element of an orchestra type score, has helped a lot, in composition.. I can 'see' where things are too dense, or 'not needed or duplicated ideas, or where I need to start something new, etc. I don't spend a lot of time making the score 'pretty' .. Organ palming, glisses, just show up as 'clumps' on it. (sorry It's certainly not as powerful or elegant as Sibelious, or Finale, Someday I want to get around to learning one of them.. Anyone want to state their preference, I'm interested

    Sorry about the Score being difficult to read.. Because I use a lot of synths, weird patches, I don't quite know what order to put them in.. (Understand traditional orchestra score lay-out). I suppose melodic lines at top, followed more by harmony lines, then odd decorative lines.. Bass, SFX, then drums..

    I started the online Jazz Arranging course here about 2 years back.. Gotta get back to it. The Orchestration course, of course will be a much bigger undertaking. Kind of afraid to tackle it, but I want/need to do it..

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