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Topic: Obscure = Duister

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    Obscure = Duister

    A new piano piece in the series: Images (no. 5 of 6).
    Again played back and notated with Overture 5.x
    Piano: Blüthner from PianoTeq (my own presets).
    Edited a bit with Adobe Audition 3 (mastering).


    It begins very soft (pp on the score).



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    Re: Obscure = Duister

    Hi Raymond,

    This is again a real masterpiece. Your series is absolutely stunning music so far. Brilliant and flawless performance, excellent dynamics and a piano sound to be so jealous of. In one word: fantastic!

    It's a good thing that every single note was written down in Overture, so it can immediately be available for a live performer. (And it should be!!!)

    Thanks for sharing it with us,

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    Senior Member tedvanya's Avatar
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    Re: Obscure = Duister

    Max puts it much better than I can. Yes, it is fantastic. Yes, I would love to hear it in a live performance, not because it would be better, but it would be interesting how he/she would manage this.

    Thanks, Ted

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    Senior Member fastlane's Avatar
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    Re: Obscure = Duister

    That was quite a musical statement Raymond.

    It sounds like it’s on the verge of exploding at times and then away it goes.

    We think have the pianist perspective as far as sound positioning so you can really feel it. A real piano experience!


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    Re: Obscure = Duister

    Yes, this is very good.. you demonstrate what a powerful and expressive instrument, the piano can be. Pianoteq makes a great virtual instrument (expensive, I continue to use the demo software, and transpose piece for minimal note loss).

    I loved all the territory you covered.. Exiting the piece was very effective.

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