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Topic: The Fool On The Hill

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    The Fool On The Hill

    Here is an interpretation of The Beatles - Fool On The Hill.. Melodically and harmonically, I remained pretty faithful to the original.. also added a bit, trying to remain faithful to what George Martin may have added. I put in a bit of George Harrison's patented "Leslie Guitar" guitar sound

    I slowed the tempo down, so made some melodic changes, plus a few variations in melody to fit.

    The flute section of original was changed, to accommodate the tempo, and avoid the feeling of repetition

    The Fool On The Hill - https://app.box.com/s/l1v35im4ke3uz068625nbz5aliec4hfm

    Score -https://app.box.com/s/holl0y1ze1sljkcuga6usqne2pqr5q6l

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    Re: The Fool On The Hill

    Your arrangement sounds like quite a labor of love angelonyc. Your score's instrument/effect list is great.

    It was fun to try and catch all the instruments and effects used in other Beatles songs. I think I heard Keeny G in one spot though.

    Revolver and Magical Mystery Tour are my favs. Fool On The Hill's lyrics have always intrigued me. I know Paul wrote it but the lyrics make me think of John.

    Nice work!


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    Re: The Fool On The Hill

    Beautiful music brilliantly arranged and orchestrated. You have a very rich sound bank which you manage well and makes this 'one theme with variations' as a continuous adventure with new things popping up all the time. It was a pleasure to listen. Thank you.


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    Re: The Fool On The Hill

    Indeed, a beautiful orchestration, very varied and rich. But it was kind of hard to follow the score because of the highly unusual instrument order. It was more puzzling than reading...

    But I've enjoyed the music a lot and that's what matters.

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