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Hi Phil,

I do agree with the fellow members. It is a beautiful piece of music with emotional depth and lovely melodies. However, Ted is right as well. The piano part (accompaniment) is attires too dominant and stands in the way of the expression of the voices. This is a matter of mixing and stage depth. Push the piano a bit to the back and do a little cut on the volume. You will be surprised how different your lovely piece will sound.
And as Larry said, it is a composition to be proud of. The technical shortcomings are not the main thing here. Performed live on stage, these things will correct themselves!

I appreciate your kind words Max. I had forgotten about this project until Tom posted his intention of working on a full opera.

I know it not balanced for decent listening but more for a performance demonstration. I'll look into doing a remix of it. I created it using my old DAW which now has issues even working with audio files using the latest macOS. The developer froze the Mac side at 32-bit with only bug fixes and moved it to Windows 64-bit a few years ago. I'll try to locate and import the audio tracks into Logic Pro X and see what I can do with them.