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Topic: Win 98 or ME?

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    Win 98 or ME?

    I just ordered a new Athlon 1.0 ghz machine to use as a giga machine. I am wondering if I should use Win98 or ME for giga? The machine will have 1024 RAM and I\'m wondering what kinds of problems I might run into with Win98. Thanks.

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    Re: Win 98 or ME?


    I would really go with Win 98se. Windows ME is mostly 98 anyway, but with extra CPU hogging \"window dressing\". I have never seen anyone post a credible advantage for ME in an audio production PC. Several major PC magazines actually withdrew their early ensorsements of ME after closer testing & thats very damning!

    If you are only using the PC for audio, you can also try out the excelent win98lite shareware. It chops off many useless features and saves RAM & CPU power.

    Ultimately, waiting for Tascam to port GS to Win 2000 or XP should be the way to go - especially on the powerhouse PC you just bought.

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