Does anyone know who is running the tech support show these days? That is, who/how do you contact for GS tech support? I have received no response from the Nemesys bunch and was just given a different address to use by Tascam person:

Though I will wait for them to get back to me before burdening you with the details, I will mention that GS96 does not install correctly for me (first time user). During installation all seem well but when I reboot, as required, and RUN, it gives me an error code of 60000 \"Your system does not have a GSIF compatible audio card.\" *and* it does not run the \"first time\" Wizard *and* I do not get a registration.txt file created for me etc.

My card is a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz (audio and midi) which, though not GSIF, is a DirectSound audio board (which Nemesys recently said will work. I am installing vers. 2.00.116.

Gee, I guess I *am* burdening you with some details. )

Anyway, if anyone knows where to go for tech support or has seen this problem before, please let me know.


\"I just want some sound to come out,\"

PIII/866, 512RAM, Dell Dimension4100, Win ME