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Topic: Donzerly LIght

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    Donzerly LIght

    The music is assuredly not a lullaby! The composing was not so difficult. Actually, it was really easy, since the idea came to me in a flash. I consider it one of my Minerva pieces because i was born full grown, although Zeus had nothing to do with it! My friend and I have recently been involved in music of Cuba, which includes not only Ernesto Lecuona, but Louis M. Gottschalk, an American composer, who was very influential in American music, but not often given the credit he deserves.

    What makes this piece interesting is the use of Cuban rhythms, particularly tresillo, cinquillo and bamboula.Sometimes they appear simultaneously, with one hand playing two at once. Sometimes one hand is playing three. Seems like a good example of polyrhthmic construction. Once integrated, it is probably impossible to discern the individual identities. I think I may also have included the zapeatado.

    This is the first time that I have used the pedals solely as emphasis and accent.

    The piece is called Donzerly Light because it was by the dawn's early light that the solution to some vexing notation problems came to me.

    Not all of my music is so relentless and driving. But most of it is too difficult for me.

    I'll bet that this is more than you really need to know about it, but I felt like saying it, so I did.

    About 5 1/2 minutes of gpo organ.

    Donerly Light


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    Re: Donzerly LIght


    Relentless does describe this piece as it's pretty hard to keep up with.

    I checked out those composers you mentioned. Ernesto Lecuona's "Malagueña" is quite a famous piece. I remember the improvational pianist Mike Garson adding some of this style on the song Lady Grinning Soul which was the last track on David Bowie's 1973 Aladdin Sane album and quite different from the other rock beat oriented tracks.


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    Re: Donzerly LIght


    Absolutely fascinating rhythmic patterns.


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