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Topic: Giga and Sibelius

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    Giga and Sibelius

    Has anyone been able to get Gigastudio and Sibelius working together?

    I just purchased Sibelius and am getting frustrated trying to get the playback to work correctly with Gigastudio.

    It am facing several problems, and not sure where to start.

    1) Sibelius won\'t play to port 2 on the Gigastudio. Nothing comes out on sounds assigned to port 2.

    2) Sibelius, even on port one, seems to be doubling the sounds -- that is, if I\'m using an input controller playing on channel one, Sibelius plays it through both channel one and the assigned channel for that staff. How do I fix this? On playback this problem isn\'t there, but its annoying on input.

    3) Sibelius seems to move all the sounds around in Gigastudio so they\'re not in the right slots on playback. I tried re-doing the bank/program numbers in the sounds menu, and that does fix somethings, but theres aloways something just a little off.

    I\'ve tried both with Sibelius in control of the midi when in backgound and not in background. And I\'ve tried launching Sibelius from the sequencer button on Gigastudio.

    PLEASE, anybody who uses these programs together, PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Giga and Sibelius

    Hi Ginso

    Have you got anywhere with these problems? My business partner is using GS and Sibelius, and I\'m about to. He has had the same problems.

    If we get anywhere we\'ll gladly pass on our experience, but right now addressing ports other than 1, and seemingly random resetting of sounds are plaguing us.

    Any tips?

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    Re: Giga and Sibelius

    Just curious, why are you getting Sibelius instead of Finale? I own both, but I never use Sibelius.

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    Re: Giga and Sibelius

    I already have it; it\'s just that I haven\'t really started using it.

    As I also use Logic I\'m thinking that we\'ll use Sibelius just for what it is - notation - and export a midi file to Logic to do the manipulation of sounds. We have a specialised requirement where we need to scan in printed music and turn it into a sound file among other things. The attraction of Sibelius was Photoscore (plus a lot of reports about how easy it is to use, and previous poor experience with a long ago version of Finale)

    Other than the access to MIDI data, how do you find the programmes compare?

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    Re: Giga and Sibelius

    Sibelius is a little easier to learn than Finale, although not much compared to Finale 2002. However once you get past the learning curves for both programs, Finale is just a lot faster to work with, and it is much more powerful. There are really only a very few publishers who use Sibelius, and most of them complain about it (check out www.npcimaging.com and click on the Directory of Music Engravers icon to see a listing of a few hundred publishers along with the software they use). Finale also has hundreds of plugins available for it, many of which are free, that make repetitive tasks extremely quick. Part of this is because the Finale plugin development kit is much more open than the one for Sibelius, so more powerful plugins can be made.

    There are a few things that are easier to do in Sibelius than in Finale. But these things CAN be done, they just take a bit more work. However, there are many things that Finale can do that simply aren\'t possible in Sibelius.

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    Re: Giga and Sibelius

    I got sibelius because I had frustrating experiences with early versions of finale many years ago -- from the reports on here, looks like finale has gotten alot easier to use. But I liked the sibelius interface, and for the music I\'m doing, which doesn\'t require too much complicated notations, Sibelius works just fine.

    As to my original problem, I realized that I had the \"instruments\" set to the wrong program numbers. It was kind of a pain to get them all set for a non-GM set up, but once I got that fixed it works fine now.


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    Re: Giga and Sibelius

    It’s ironic that the release of Sibelius did more to improve Finale than the years of suggesting / pleading / complaining of long time users.

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