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Topic: The Latest from Tascam/Nemesys

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    The Latest from Tascam/Nemesys

    Hello GigaSampler/GigaStudio users from the folks at TASCAM.

    It has been almost four weeks since TASCAM completed the acquisition of NemeSys Music Technology, and after a very busy transition period we’ve finally gotten most of the ordering/shipping/accounting/ marketing functions moved to our headquarters in L.A. Meanwhile Tech Support is still being handled primarily from NemeSys’s offices in Austin, but we’ll have most of it moved to L.A. in a month or so.

    Meanwhile the founders of NemeSys…Jim Van Buskirk, Joe Bibbo, and Bert Bischof…are busy coding the next generation of Giga products. TASCAM product development manager (and sampling guru) Mike McRoberts spent three days in Austin last week defining the Giga product road map for the next couple of years with Jim, Joe and Bert. Without getting into details they are working on some very exciting stuff. All of the features they discussed were requested by registered Giga users so rest assured that we greatly appreciate and take seriously your input on how to make the product better.

    \"Why is a big recording products company, famous for building hardware products, developing and selling software?\"

    TASCAM began the process of evolving into a hybrid software/hardware designer/manufacturer over three years ago. Our software team in Palo Alto now numbers nine engineers, and of course we recently added the Austin group of Giga engineers. Our close working relationships with Frontier Design Group and TimeLine Vista give TASCAM a virtual team of eight additional software engineers and growing. Our largest engineering group, located on the outskirts of Tokyo, employs over a dozen software/firmware engineers. TASCAM began recognizing today’s important recording product trends long ago and thus began making the changes necessary to develop our software engineering, marketing, and technical support skills.

    The acquisition of NemeSys is a great win-win-win situation for the large worldwide Giga user base, for NemeSys, and for TASCAM (okay…maybe it’s not a win for our competition).

    The Giga end-user and developer communities win because long-term development support for the Giga platform is not only 100% assured, but will now kick into warp speed. NemeSys wins because the founders are able to both reap the rewards of founding a true cutting-edge music/audio company and to transition their company to a situation where they can devote 100% of their time to developing their great products. They can let TASCAM take care of the day-to-day distribution, marketing and general business issues. Size does indeed matter. TASCAM wins because we now own the best sampling technology/product line on the planet, and because we were able to hire three of the very best Windows programmers in the music products industry today.

    \"Is TASCAM truly committed to developing Giga software or did they just buy NemeSys to make hardware samplers?\"

    TASCAM is 100% committed to the long-term development of the Giga software platform. That is what we bought. NemeSys acknowledges that they’ve had many requests over the past few years to market a hardware version of GigaSampler. We are carefully studying this idea, but quite frankly there are too many uncertainties to make a determination anytime soon. One way or the other GigaSampler and GigaStudio software will always be the star of the show.

    Right now we’d like to introduce to you several of the key people at TASCAM who are responsible for working with Jim, Joe and Bert to take the Giga platform to new heights.

    Dave Casey, TASCAM Product Specialist, is our Giga \"product champion\". His responsibilities are too numerous to list here, but suffice it to say he is at the center of all things Giga.

    Allen Owens, TASCAM Operation Support Group, is our lead Giga technical support person. Allen will be the first support tech to whom Giga support calls will be transferred, and he will be responsible for making sure our other support techs are properly trained to handle Giga products.

    Mike McRoberts, TASCAM International Product Development Manager, is the person who convinced the head of TASCAM to purchase NemeSys, so he is highly motivated to show how good this decision was! Mike will be responsible for working closely with Dave, Jim, Joe, and Bert to define and refine the Giga product road map. All new Giga feature requests are read and pondered by Mike.

    Lastly, one news item that Bert wanted us to throw in because a lot of people have been waiting so long…the three \"Quick Sound Enabled\" Hollywood Edge sound libraries are now shipping! We’re also very close to shipping the highly awaited Scarbee J-Fingered Bass library.

    There is a tremendous amount of new Giga marketing and support activity going on right now, and we’ll message you every two or three weeks to keep you in the loop.

    Best Regards,
    The TASCAM GigaSampler/GigaStudio Team

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    Re: The Latest from Tascam/Nemesys

    More and more I am getting a good feeling about this Tascam purchase. Good luck Tascam (and former Nemesys people). Keep uup the good work.

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    Re: The Latest from Tascam/Nemesys

    We will see.

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    Re: The Latest from Tascam/Nemesys

    To balance things a little I have nothing but good experience with Nemesys support.

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    Re: The Latest from Tascam/Nemesys


    I\'m having a hard time believing that they have responded to you.

    How did you do it?

    I tried contacting them every day for a week and they never returned my calls or E-Mails.
    In fact, the one time I reached a live body, it was not in tech support- and they STILL have\'nt gotten back to me.
    I don\'t feel that any kind of buy out is a reason not to give proper tech-support to a product which could be excellent if one could only figure out how to run it properly!

    At this point, I have just given up contacting them and have tried to figure things out as best I can.


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    Re: The Latest from Tascam/Nemesys

    You might try posting on NemesysMusic@yahoogroups.com. Joe Bibbo and Kevin Phelan from Nemesys tech support hang out there and have been very helpful when the question is specific enough.
    BTW, I had no problem getting an upgrade two separate times...only took one phone call each time...makes me wonder what number you\'re calling.

    Good Luck.

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    Re: The Latest from Tascam/Nemesys


    Please contact me at the Tascam Operational Support department for any assistance with your GigaProduct. If I\'m not available please leave your contact information and I\'ll call you back.

    Keep in mind the \"useless\" lady you are referring to is not a technical person and is only responsible for routing calls or taking messages. Many times end users expect a secretary to be a trained Tascam product specialist and expect them to answer questions only a qualified person can answer. Although these great ladies try their best to understand the product line and all of the specifics involved with the wide variety of products Tascam offers, sometimes technical terms and specifics get confusing to them. I am of the opinion that they do quite well considering the overwhelming TEAC/Tascam product line they have to deal with. Give them a break why don\'t ya.


    Allen Owens
    Tascam Operational Support
    323-726-0303 ext 617

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    Re: The Latest from Tascam/Nemesys


    [This message has been edited by Buzzo (edited 08-31-2001).]

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    Re: The Latest from Tascam/Nemesys


    As to giving the \" useless \" lady a break...Maybe you don\'t mind having costumers calling in 3 times ( i mean not one, not two BUT 3 times ) each times, their call get route to the wrong department. Finally..after these same operators give you the run around, you get to find out that the tech support is not even operational yet !!!! Trust me !! No technical questions or issues was discuss when i call, i just need them to direct my calls to the proper qualified person.
    Sorry man, but this is PLAIN unprofessional...yeah the lady might be a REAL sweet and great person but the bottom line is she\'s totally uncompetent OR maybe Tascam is uncompetent at training their staff.
    Anyways...thanks to this site and soundchaser...most of my questions have been answered.

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    Re: The Latest from Tascam/Nemesys

    All what i can say for now is that the support for Giga product SUCKS !!!
    I\'ve been trying for over a week now contacting ( phone and email ) Nemesys/tascam for an upgrade and asking a few questions regarding some hardware issues....left 3 phone/email messages at Nemesys....No sign of life from them...when i contacted Tascam...well i got to talk to this USELESS woman who keeps fowarding my calls to the wrong depatment...finally, the best that i got from Tascam was, sorry our Giga support dept is not set up yet !!!
    I guess nothing has changed...it used to be very bad costumer support from Nemesys and now NO costumer support from Tascam !!!
    thank god this list exists !!!

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