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Topic: large amounts of RAM

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    large amounts of RAM

    Is there anyone out there who is using more than 1000 megs of RAM with windows \'98?

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    Re: large amounts of RAM

    It doesnt really matter. The \'problems\' start kicking in at 1gb or just below 1gb I think...

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    Re: large amounts of RAM

    I\'m running 1GB in my system. Only problem I\'ve had was that DOS programs refuse to run. Setting the VCACHE Maximum to 512MB alleviates that.

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    Re: large amounts of RAM

    What \'problems\" are you talking about? I run 1 gig ram on a PIII 1 gigaherz machine.

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    Re: large amounts of RAM

    I am talking about the VCACHE issue, and that GigaStudio starts loading instruments very slowly after 300MB or so...

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