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Topic: Win98 SE lockup on computer shutdown

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    Win98 SE lockup on computer shutdown

    Anyone have a suggestion for this problem? GigaStudio (v 2.54) seems to work without a hitch otherwise. When I\'ve been using GigaStudio for an extended period of time and am ready to shutdown ... GigaStudio exits normally but when I try shutting down Win98 a thin green line appears at the top of the screen and Windows becomes totally unresponsive. The only option at this point is to manually turn the power off. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Win98 SE lockup on computer shutdown

    Oh also, this never occurs unless GigaStudio was launched sometime in the current session. Any advise is appreciated.


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    Re: Win98 SE lockup on computer shutdown

    Waiting 30 seconds before shutting down usually resolves this issue on my system.

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    Re: Win98 SE lockup on computer shutdown

    I remember seeing a fix for this specific problem back when I used WIn98. There is an issue with that particular O.S. shutting down properly.

    Hvae a look on the Windows update site.

    Cheers, Scott.

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    Re: Win98 SE lockup on computer shutdown

    Thanks for the responses. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    I received a response on Sonic Control that I\'m trying. I haven\'t had the issue re-occur so this could be the solution. I\'ll post the results when I\'ve ran a few more GigaStudio sessions:


    You are probably running out of spare Stack Pages, that has happened to me before. to increase the stack pages go to start > run. Type in msconfig. system.ini > 386Enh > NEW > then type in minSPs=16(or higher, but always increase by 4). Hope this helps




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    Re: Win98 SE lockup on computer shutdown

    Bousley- please post the results of your experiment to cure the shut-down problem. I have the exact same problem. I also had heard that Windows 98 can have shut-down problems, but have not had a chance to research that on the Windows site.

    Doug Bircher

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    Re: Win98 SE lockup on computer shutdown

    I\'ve not had the problem re-occur. After 4 sessions the shutdown has been normal. This may be the way to go.

    Thanks for your help.

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