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Topic: Frustrating Quicksound Problem

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    Frustrating Quicksound Problem

    Someone else registered this problem about two yrs back, but i couldnt trace a suitable answer...

    I have had to reinstall GigaStudio 160 as it crashed, in doing so everytime i try and install it it gets stuck on the quiksound database part of the installation, and eventually just says \'not responding\' (after a CTRL+ALT+DEL)...is there anyway i can cure this...


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    Re: Frustrating Quicksound Problem

    It just takes a LONG time. Never mind the \'not responding\' message. Let it run.

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    Re: Frustrating Quicksound Problem

    Mine takes about 10 minutes. It\'s frustrating after reinstalling GS a number of times over the last couple of days. I love the program though, and I\'m gonna keep messing with it till it works again. Ahh well, it\'s the weekend, I have time to play with it now.

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