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Topic: Should I upgrade to GigaStudio???

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    Re: Should I upgrade to GigaStudio???

    160 voice polyphony
    Responds on 64 midi channels
    Built in Low Latency DSP FX
    HiHat style exclusive key zones
    Better sample conversion
    Search engine database
    Faster loading
    true upgrade path

    I doubt that you\'ll see too many more software updates to Gigasampler, as most of the ones you would want are in Gigastudio. Getting Gigastudio puts you on the current upgrade path.

    But, of course, there\'s no need yet, if Gigasampler is already doing all you want.

    PS Don\'t forget that Tascam has just purchased Nemesys. Who knows what this means for pricing and updates???

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    Should I upgrade to GigaStudio???


    I\'m currently running GigaSampler SE that I got bundled with my WaMiRack, and I\'m very satisfied with the performance. Now I want to know what extras I get if I should upgrade to GigaStudio. Except for being able to run in 24/96-mode, are there any other really important advantages in this upgrade??? Is it worth it???

    // Yngve

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