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Topic: Setup question by new Giga User...

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    Setup question by new Giga User...

    So I have a Gig performance set up that uses the first 6 midi channels, then has nothing in it until midi channel 16, where I have a sampled \"Click\". I save the file, but next time I open it, all the formally open slots (slots 7 through 15) now have the patch on 16 (the click) loaded into them.

    What gives? Thanks!

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    Re: Setup question by new Giga User...

    I had something similar to that a few times.

    Loaded a drum patch up into a channels, played the arrangement and then realised that it had also been assigned to a couple of other channels - and these had previously been occupied by different sounds!

    The interesting thing was that I couldn\'t simply load the correct instruments back in over the incorrectly assigned drum patches. I first had to unload the originals from memory and then reload them. It was as if the drum kit had overwritten the other sounds in memory, but they still had their old names!

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    Re: Setup question by new Giga User...

    Hey guys-

    I had a similar problem at first too-
    anything I loaded into track one was multiplied to other places-

    One thing to check is if your midi-ports are all linked- depending on what kind of sequencer you are using it seems to send information to the linked ports that may or may not match port1 and the empty slots- Once i unlinked em the problem went away.

    Let me know if that helps- and GL


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