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Topic: How to use more than 1 port

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    How to use more than 1 port

    I only use a limited of instruments at once for a chamber-ish orchestra, however, recently I\'ve needed to use more instruments than the 16 for port one. But when I add an instrument to a channel in port 2 the instrument in the same channel on port 1 plays too.

    E.g., flute on port 1, channel 1; bass clarinet on port 2, channel 1. Both instruments play together in Gigastudio and even when I set everything up in Cakewalk correctly. I have an Aardvark LX6 card and windows 98se and thought I had everything set up correctly. Please tell me I\'m making a silly mistake--I am silly, so it\'d make sense.

    Thanks, Josh

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    Re: How to use more than 1 port

    Maybe you have the ports linked: if you click on the port numbers (1,2,3,4 - underneath the little keyboard icon to the left of the screen) and they become bright green, they are linked, and will then play simultaneously. If so, just unlink them by clicking on them so that they become dark green again.

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    Re: How to use more than 1 port

    That was it! I must have missed that bit in the manual. Thanks a lot cc; now I can load up a bunch more instruments.

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