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Topic: confused about score transposition

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    confused about score transposition

    So I get The School for Scandal Overture score from my library. I open it and notice that the Flutes have 1 Flat, then the Clarinets, marked as Bb Clarinets, have 1 sharp. all good. then I note the Bb Trumpets have no key signature. Why wouldn't all the Bb instruments have 1 sharp?

    all the instruments are playing a D major chord but the oddly transposed Trumpets are showing an F minor on the opening downbeat.

    anyone have a thought on what is going on here?

    thanks Mike

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    Re: confused about score transposition

    Puzzling. you're right, the Bb trumpets should have the same key sig as the Bb Clarinets. Very odd. The only thing I can think of is that the trumpets are C trumpets, and the Bb nomenclature is a mistake. But then, they should be the same as the flutes, one flat or F/d minor.
    Great piece, by the way, always loved it.

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    Re: confused about score transposition

    I just read in my Walter Piston Orchestration book that horn and Trumpet players sometimes prefer no key sig at all.

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