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Topic: Has anyone had succes with Tyan motherboard ??

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    Has anyone had succes with Tyan motherboard ??

    I want to find a good motherboard for a Thunderbird 1.2/266 and was wondering if the Tyan motherboard is any good. I heard good things about Iwill but i can\'t get them in Montreal. Thanks

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    Re: Has anyone had succes with Tyan motherboard ??

    Tyan\'s a great choice. It doesn\'t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it\'s a good solid board. I\'ve got a S2390 with a GHZ B CPU, and an S2390B with a 1.2 C CPU. Both run perfectly. In other motherboard news, I just got my replacement Asus board in.. it\'d been out on RMA (Warranty Replacement) for... THREE MONTHS. You may want to wait a bit on a purchase though.. Tyan\'s supposed to have dual Athlon mainboards in the next couple of weeks, and with Windows XP and Giga XP coming out, a dual cpu AMD solution may just be the ultimate Giga computer.

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    Re: Has anyone had succes with Tyan motherboard ??

    Thanks for your reply...would you mind telling me in detail your set up as i\'m very new with Tyan motherboards.
    Do you suggest Tyan over Asus ?? Thanks again
    I, basically , want to find the MOST reliable board for Giga based around the AMD Thunderbird 1.2 or 1.3/266 processor.
    I\'m planning to put 700 Megs of Kinsdton ram, 10 gig HD Maxtor 7200 for system drive and an 60 Gig 7200 Maxtor Diamond max + for Gig files...
    The dual processor sounds good but i\'m sure the price would be too much and it also always takes a while for new technology to settle in and i definitely don\'t want to be the guy beta testing for a new rig ...i want to make MUSIC...Thanks

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    Re: Has anyone had succes with Tyan motherboard ??

    I definitely suggest Tyan over Asus from personal experience. I work for a Sales/Service shop, and we do custom builds, and I build about 90% of them. We\'ve had an EXTREMELY high failure rate from the Asus boards, and getting replacements from Asus takes 2-3 months.

    My GS system is:

    AMD 1.2GHZ 266FSB
    Tyan S2390B
    1 GB SDRAM
    20 GB WD (Boot)
    40 GB Seagate (Audio)
    40 GB WD (Audio)
    ATI Radeon Dual Display VE
    SB Live
    Echo Layla
    Adaptec 2940 (For CD Drives)
    Kenwood 52X CD
    Plextor 12X CD-R
    SMC 1211TX 10/100 NIC

    The system screams, and it\'s not too expensive. I would avoid Maxtor drives too. We used to carry them till we started having high failure rates in those as well. (Hey, HP puts them into Pavilion computers, that should say something. )

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    Re: Has anyone had succes with Tyan motherboard ??

    Thanks again for your advice....do you think a Yamaha IDE burner is fine or should i go SCSI ???
    I remember my first Giga set up, i had lots of problem with S-converter in Giga and it ends up being the crappy Asus CD-rom drive...once i replace it with a Sony , no more problems.
    I wonder if the Yamaha IDE CDR-w would be good for reading Akai CDs besides being a reliable burner.
    Most of my audio are still being burned on my very stable Mac/ProTools system. But having a burner on the PC wouyld be nice. BUT NOT at the cost of getting a less reliable performer.
    What do you think ?? Thanks

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