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Topic: 2 patches on 1 number?

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    2 patches on 1 number?

    After upgrading to the 2.20 something beta of GigaStudio, I started noticing in some of my new performances, some instruments would load into the same number. To give an example, Strings would show up in the loaded instruments list on Bank 0, Instrument 0 and Drums would also show up on Bank 0/Instrument 0. When I send a patch change from my sequencer, consistently, only one of the 2 instruments will load come up, making the other inaccessible via patch change. This doesn\'t happen on all of the performances, it seems random. Has anyone else ever experinced this?

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    Re: 2 patches on 1 number?

    I noticed the same bug. It occurs for me when I load another performance when a performance is already loaded. The program is not clearing out the old performance properly. To work around this problem, click on new first and then load your performance.

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