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Topic: lost of midi

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    lost of midi

    I\'m using Gigastudio 160 on Pentium 3, 800 mhz stand alone, feeded by a second computer with LAMP.
    The midi interface is a Emagic mt4.
    Many times when I boot gigastudio the midi connection, is dissapeared.
    Its a problem to get it working again (restarts, togling the parameters in the hardwaresettings from giga etc)

    When the conection is gone, and I open for example Logic, the midi is present.
    So the problem lays within the gigasampler.

    Someone recognise this problem ?

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    Re: lost of midi

    Had same problem before. Don\'t know exactly what it was but suspect USB. I installed the latest BIOS for the motherboard and reinstalled 98 and all software, haven\'t had the problem again.


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