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Topic: Halion vs. Giga integration into studio

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    Halion vs. Giga integration into studio

    My laptop-based studio is slowly coming together, but a few things still puzzle me, issues which could impact a decision to go with Halion or Giga.

    Halion seems to be a VST plugin, which seems to give a more streamlined top-down studio organization. Can Giga also function as a (VST or WDM/DirectX) plugin? If it does, wouldn\'t its mixer be redundant in some cases, leading to useless latency?

    One review states that you must integrate Halion with Cubase of Nuendo as VST host in order to take advantage of Halion\'s multitimbral/multioutput features... this bugs me \'cos it seems like a marketing ploy to sell more Steinberg products (quality aside). Can Giga be integrated into any top-level \'host\' environment of the same calibre and still deliver all of its features?

    Another reviewer wishes that Giga allowed VST plug-ins instead of their NFX effects gear... I agree, who needs yet another \'standard\'. If Giga can function as a plug-in, this may not be an issue as effects may be pluggable into Giga outputs.

    Another review says that the use of MIDI USB adapters is not recommended with Giga, due to inherent USB latency: I understand that physical mixers shouldn\'t use USB, but MIDI link bandwidth is very slow compared with USB bandwidth... why should this be an issue?

    In brief, I need to hook up the following components together:

    (a) USB MIDI ports OR MIDI sequencer with music notation support (switchable btwn the 2). The MIDI ports will eventually hook into a master controller, I\'ll just use a little MIDI Casio for now.

    hooked into

    (b) software sampler: Halion w/o mixer or Giga with mixer, Giga effects not essential (i.e. Giga96 will do: anyway, apparently Giga160 reverts to 96 when it detects e.g. q sequencer in the computer)

    hooked into

    (c) effects, and a mixer if Halion is used (both provided by e.g. Cubase SL if Halion is used).

    hooked via ASIO or some other SW-HW interface into

    (d) Echo Audio Mona
    Digital audio inputs from the Mona must also be supported as mixer inputs e.g. in (c)

    The \'top-level\' in this is perhaps best implemented by a \'MIDI/digital-audio sequencer: I assume Cubase SL, Cakewalk SONAR or some other app would do the trick, right? It would be ideal if this choice could wait: how can I just hook up these components (minus mixer in the Halion case) without such an app (i.e. with a simple notation-supporting sequencer in (a) instead, such as a 10-year-old Cakewalk that I still have)? This would already give enough of a load on the computer to test it properly.

    Sorry for the length of the post. Your input on this would be most welcome.


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    Re: Halion vs. Giga integration into studio

    Hi, have you considered Kontakt instead of Halion? It functions as a stand alone sampler as well as a VSTi inside progs like Cubase.

    As far as filters and envelopes go Kontakt leaves Halion for dead IMHO. Also, Kontakt is much better suited to really getting into sound manipulation especially if you do sound design or kind of \"out there\" stuff that requires you to alter or create samples.

    In fact, even on Steinberg\'s own forums you will see a lot of posts flaming Halion as it appears to have a lot of irate users.

    When release 1.2 comes out (Jan they say), Kontakt is promised to have disk-streaming and key switching.

    Just my two cents [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Sorry but it\'s late and I didn\'t get a chance to read through your post in depth. Thought I would throw the above comments in.

    Also, I didnt want to hijack a Giga-sponsored forum, many users here will be able to extol the virtues of Giga.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Halion vs. Giga integration into studio

    I would also recommending checking out Kontakt. Just saw version 1.2 at NAMM and it does some awesome things. A couple of the sample developers really like this platform. On a high powered PC (P4 2.4 GHz or higher) it is getting higher polyphony counts than Giga. You can run up to 16 instances of it with each instance having 16 MIDI channels. The editor is quite deep.

    I will probably purchase this program when I build my 2nd computer as I\'m getting tired of waiting for Giga 3.0.

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    Re: Halion vs. Giga integration into studio

    Halion is still the way to go if you want VST integration. NI keep promising dates for disk-streaming in Kontact, but have gone way over the deadline.

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    Re: Halion vs. Giga integration into studio

    check out http://www.nativeinstruments.com
    the disk-streaming update is available now!

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    Re: Halion vs. Giga integration into studio

    Anybody know if Kontact is OS X yet?

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    Re: Halion vs. Giga integration into studio

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