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Topic: Windows Xp RC2 and GS

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    Windows Xp RC2 and GS

    The source (kernel) of new operating system from Microsoft Windows Xp is not compatible with the latest version of Nemesys Gigastudio.

    Win2000 = WINDOWS XP

    Why Nemesys don\'t propose yet a new version
    of their Giga software for beta-tester of
    Win XP ?

    Can\'t they program a new code for this OS ?


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    Re: Windows Xp RC2 and GS

    Tascam (Nemesys) is currently working on a version for XP/2000 which was supposed to be in beta soon. Haven\'t heard anything new in the past few weeks.

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    Re: Windows Xp RC2 and GS

    We have been driving down this long dark and twisted road for quite some time now. I will believe windows 2000 support for Giga when I see it. Peace.

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    Re: Windows Xp RC2 and GS

    AMEN! Nazaru

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    Re: Windows Xp RC2 and GS


    Nemesys have said that they WILL release an XP version, and later most likely a 2000 version which is derived form that work. They are coding it now.

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