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Topic: Network instead of MIDI Port ?

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    Network instead of MIDI Port ?

    Hello, Giga Users

    I have a question for you, Giga expert.

    Is there a way that I could play samples in Giga Studio through network intead of using MIDI interface?

    I use a dedicated P3 computer for Giga Studio, and I think it is such a waste to use 2 MIDI interfaces to play Giga....
    One for a sequence/audio, and the other for Giga.
    In theory, I believe it is quite possible to use lan setting for Giga, Don\'t you think?

    Any response will be appreciated.

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    Re: Network instead of MIDI Port ?

    Let me know if you have any luck on this one!

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    Re: Network instead of MIDI Port ?

    I think others have tried this utility. I haven\'t, but here\'s a link:

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    Re: Network instead of MIDI Port ?

    ello jayess,

    i\'m also looking for a way to save a MIDI port, in the \'user tips and tricks\' archive there is a topic \'how to dedicate a PC to GS\', at the bottom they explain how to use the serial port on a PC instead of a MIDI port

    not sure this is what you\'re looking for, I\'ll certainly test it as soon as I get my hands on my new ( GS dedicated ) PC

    will keep you posted

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