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Topic: Giga and VST in perfect sync?

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    Giga and VST in perfect sync?

    I´m trying to run vst 5.0 and giga studio
    on the same machine. But I have sync problems. When I try to play giga stugio
    while listening to the Vst metronome,
    the click changes tempo and \"stutters\".
    My system is a p3 450mhz 256 ram and
    a wamirack24 (multiclient) .

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    Re: Giga and VST in perfect sync?

    Try the following:
    In Cubase go to options/synchronization.
    Sync Source:
    Timecode Base: Midi timecode
    Output: Nemesys Midi port x
    Tempo Base: Midi clock

    Sync Out:
    Midi Timecode: Nemesys Midi port x
    Midi Clock: Nemesys Midi port x

    Hope this helps

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