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Topic: Giga won't open - HELP.

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    Giga won\'t open - HELP.

    All of a sudden GS160 asks for the Gigapiano CD when opening. I put it in (it\'s the new one) and windows detects it, Giga does not and just closes. I\'m at a loss, this install is on a totally clean drive with nothing but Win98 and Giga. I don\'t know why it started happening all of a sudden but I\'ve got a deadline and no sampler. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Giga won\'t open - HELP.

    What version of GSt is it? Have seen something similar with 2.0.112 when using a Hewlett-Packard CDRW as only CD drive.

    In this case, if it is still an old version, try downloading the latest patch from the nemesys website.

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