I have Kontakt 2 and at one time was using BelaD's Giovani children's choir library. Then I stopped using it for a while. I've become heavily involved with Vienna Symphonic Libraries and own most of their products, but I still thought it might be nice to use the Giovani library.
I order to use the Giovani library now, you need the full version of Kontakt 5. I'm able to get an update price which isn't too bad, but I can't figure out if its a good buy or not. It claims to include many instruments, but doesn't list what they are. I use my samples when writing and orchestrating a wide variety of musical styles: chamber music of all kinds, jazz, orchestral music. I'm not into the cliche ridden film, video game music with loads of percussion, huge choir, triplet harmonies, bombastic sounds....you know, the kind of music that makes money these days.

So the question can anyone offer advice? Should I pony up the $99 for Kontakt 5 update?