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Topic: GStudio crashes doing more than 3 Midi tracks

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    GStudio crashes doing more than 3 Midi tracks

    I just upgraded my GSampler LE to GS96. I was in absolute bliss until I actually tried to run the danged thing.

    The same machine that ran multiple single-voice-at-a-time tracks perfectly under GSample LE now goes straight to hell under GSstudio. The machine doesn\'t hang, but when you play multiple tracks, it gets about fiftenn seconds into the piece and falls apart. It sounds like the orchestra suddenly loses its mind--instruments loop, lots of notes play at once and stay on, and the only way to clear it is to reboot.

    The machine is a 500MHz, 128MB RAM, UltraDMA HDD. Like I said, it ran GSampler LE perfectly, and runs one (or occasionally two) tracks perfectly. Is this one of those \"reinstall Windows and hope for the best\" bugs? Do I need more RAM?

    Need I say that Nemesys tech support doesn\'t return my calls?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: GStudio crashes doing more than 3 Midi tracks

    I had this problem, not so often as you describe though, on my old Abit VA6 motherboard, but it has gone when I moved to my current system. Are you sure you really need to reboot to make it go away? Have you tried resetting the hardware and mixer? THat usually solved it for me. Anyway.... 15 secs of play and then =)(#%=)#( is not very cool...:/

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    Re: GStudio crashes doing more than 3 Midi tracks

    No, the \"reset\" button doesn\'t have any effect. It \"clicks,\" but the noises don\'t go away until I reboot. Half the time, I\'m able to do so gracefully, using the Start button...the other half the time, I have to hard-reset.


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    Re: GStudio crashes doing more than 3 Midi tracks

    What is your MIDI device? I was getting that sort of thing when I was trying to use the onboard motherboard MIDI/joystick port. I disabled it and bought an Egosys parallel MIDI port and everything is fine.

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