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Topic: Double note playback

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    Double note playback

    Ok this is about to push me over the edge! For some reason both of my GS systems are now randomly playing two notes at once. I can literally tap the keyboard repeatidly and it will do it about 60% of the time. What the heck is going on? I am now using twice the polyphony I should and getting crappy sounds.


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    Re: Double note playback

    Unless it\'s a midi connection or you innadvertly pressed on the green 1234 buttons under the little keyboard,I have no idea what\'s you got into.
    BTW I think my dear Donnie that you \'d be of a great help along with other sound developpers, in the topic \"help me mister Tascam \"(same forum as this) wich talks about possible hardware by Tascam in order to play with efficiency, the wonderfull libs you guys are making those days.
    Sorry if I was no big help

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    Re: Double note playback


    To eliminate your sequencer setup from the problem, is it possible to load an old song which DIDN\'T dislplay the double note problem, and see if tapping notes on a track on that song does the same thing?

    If so, either there\'s something fundamental which has changed in your midi setup, or ... I don\'t want to even think about it.

    The fact that it happens 60% of the time and not 100% is EXTREMELY weird.

    Tried a different master keyboard?

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    Re: Double note playback

    Hi Donnie,

    I had this problem too one day, I it was my midi-interface (Midi-terminal 4140) that was the poroblem. Rebooting didn\'t solve the problem, so I had to unplug the computer cable from the Miditerminal 4140) and then reboot. It worked.


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    Re: Double note playback

    or it can be the latest GSt patch? Mine has suddenly stopped responding to midi events played through the midi in (even though the red chan lights are flashing) - although everything still works fine if I play thru a track on the seq.

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    Re: Double note playback

    Could also be your controller... I had one once that did the \"intermittent double note\" thing. Try a different controller keyboard if you can.

    - Sherriff Chris

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