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Topic: Question about drums in GM files

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    Question about drums in GM files

    I have transferred a large General midi soundfont that I have built up over the years into a Gigastudio file.

    All has gone well and all the instruments have converted across fine.

    My problem comes when playing a midi file from cubase.
    I have loaded the GM gig into Midi port 1 - channel 1 of Gigastudio and have discovered that if I just make sure the midi file is playing back through Nemesys midi port 1 then Gigatudio automatically assigns the correct sounds to the correct midi channel. The problem is that it doesn\'t do this for the drums in the drum bank of the .gig file.

    I have the drums playing back on channel 10, but Gigastudio treats it as a normal channel not a drum channel.
    How do I get gigastudio to load the drums in the Drum Bank of the .gig file?


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    Re: Question about drums in GM files

    I don\'t get it.

    No matter how many instruments it contains, if you\'re only loading the GM gig into a single channel (port 1 ch.1) how can you hear anything but the channel 1 line from the midi file?

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    Re: Question about drums in GM files

    It seems that if you just load the GM file into channel 1 and load nothing else into the other channels, when gigastudio receives messages for a patch change on another channel, it just searches through the nearest channel with instruments loaded and uses the corresponding instrument from that channel.

    My question reffered to the drum bank, I can get giga to change banks in the GM file, but not, however, change to the drum bank. I have got round this by just moving the drums from the drum bank into bank 2, and then when playing back gm midi files, just changing any instruments on midi channel 10 in the sequencer to play back the instruments from bank 2.

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    Re: Question about drums in GM files

    I had the same problem using BIAB with Giga. If you have the correct instruments loaded but not attached to any midi channel, then BIAB (mostly) sends the correct patch information and Giga loads the correct patches in the correct channels.

    But not so for drums. Whatever patch change information BIAB is sending about drums, it is not one that Giga understands. My solution was to preload the drums in channel 10, and switch off the sending of drum patch information in BIAB.

    I\'m not sure how this relates to your software. If someone knows a cleaner way to do this in BIAB, please say so. I\'m no expert by any means


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    Re: Question about drums in GM files

    I have used the same technique as the last poster to use Giga with BIAB and other PG Music pgms. I am not aware of any other way to accomplish this. I would also be interested in a solution, however I suspect we will have to wait for a software revision.

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