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Topic: What's a good value timestretcher?

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    What\'s a good value timestretcher?

    On the tips and tricks forum, Paul is trying to find a way of lengthening a trombone slide without altering anything else (pitch or timbre).

    All I know is Acid, Wavelab, and Logic.

    Anyone know of an affordable solution (ie not VP9000 and not$500)?

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    Re: What\'s a good value timestretcher?

    I posted on that thread.. Mostly formant Shifting plugs.. BUT

    you can use those to achieve \"better\" time streching on isolated instruments. Shift it down ( using pitch bend or resampling in an editor..etc) then adjust the formant up.. or shift it up and adjust the formant down. Should sound better than any of the basic time stretching options

    Really...I am an Idiot

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