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Topic: gi! file question...

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    gi! file question...

    I have an instrument divided into two files with a \"gi!\" file extention.

    Could anyone tell me how to load the instrument into GigaStudio?

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    Re: gi! file question...

    Hello migo,

    The \".gi!\" file name extension is for multi-disk instruments. It won\'t do any good to copy these files to your hard drive. It\'s best to use the native multi-disk import utility built in to GigaStudio.

    The thing to do is place the first CD in the CD-ROM drive and allow it to spin up. Click on the CD-ROM drive icon in the Quicksound Explorer tree view of the GigaStudio interface. In the file view window you will see some instructions for importing the multi-disk instrument.


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    Re: gi! file question...

    Thank you Kevin (pmuse).

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