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Topic: Polyphony question

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    Polyphony question


    Just trying out my new copy of Gigastudio with W Trachtmans steinway piano, and cannot get Gigastudio to play more than 64 voices at once. I have set the polyphony in settings to 160 (increased from the original 64 that it is set at on istallation) and am trying to play back a midi file of Rhapsody in blue for two pianos, but Giga refuses to go past a peak polyphony of 64.

    My setup is Athon 750, 256Mb ram, 30Gb IBM 100udma drive (dma is ticked)

    Has anyone any thoughts?

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    Re: Polyphony question


    I had the same problem when first installing GigaStudio. For me the only solution for this problem was a brand new installation of Windows98. Here is a thread that chronicles my winding road to that conclusion:

    Good Luck,

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    Re: Polyphony question

    Thanks Hans,

    All I Needed to do was reboot,

    Its now maxing out at 160!

    When are they going to make a version with 300+ voices. If I can get all 160 on 750mhz athlon, 256Mb ram and just 1 UDMA100 Harddisk!



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    Re: Polyphony question

    I KNOW!!! I want them to up the Poly if I can get reliable high polyphony from one drive and not max the CPU out.. I should be albe to get about 200 note poly no prob..and with a 1.5ghz maybe 250 maybe when 2 ghz cpus start showing up the next version of Giga will have its limit stretched a bit

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Polyphony question

    300 is pretty unrealistic I think - maybe you can do it with SCSI I don\'t know, but IDE drives are too slow. I can get 160 most of the time, but sometimes I might get a \'screwup\' when I am really pushing GS, resulting in a delay in the sound or maybe even a crash.

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    Re: Polyphony question

    From Multiple IDE drives you should be able to get higher poly, especially if they are on their own controller.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Polyphony question

    I use multiple drives on different channels. Doesn\'t make that much of a difference I think.

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