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Topic: Another Disk Streamer

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    Another Disk Streamer

    For those of you interested in keeping up with current soft sampling developments....

    The shareware sampler Vsampler (www.maz-sound.com/vsampler) has just been updated to include disk streaming, though to what extent I don\'t know. There are currently VSTi and DXi versions of this product and, although you can freely download a demo to try, the full version retails at about $79.

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    Re: Another Disk Streamer

    VSampler is OK, I\'ve been a registered owner for a few months. It\'s a good scratch pad for working in Win2K with Sonar (I use it as a DXi plugin mostly). I have the new Beta with disk streaming, but as it really only supports Akai CD\'s or Soundfonts, neither of which are really at the level of needing disk streaming, I haven\'t really noticed anything. Now if Chicken Systems Translator had a way to convert Giga files into VSampler banks that would be a good way to test, but I don\'t think that will happen since I believe Translator will not (never?) translate Giga to other formats unfortunately. I have Awave Studio which will translate Giga files but it crashes on big Giga\'s that would be useful to test.

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