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Topic: Help me Mr. Tascam

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    Help me Mr. Tascam

    Please make my life a better one by releasing an outstanding hardware platform for us extensive Giga users.
    When I mean extensive I mean using the best available sound Libs in & out of the market, in highly polyphonical situations
    and with less than an million years to finish the task.
    This means:
    1) The ability to use a lot of Ram
    _DDWW close to 1gig of ram
    _GigaStings I would suspect between 2 & 3 gig
    _Ultimate Perc. + Ult Timp +Mar&Vibes something like 1,5 or 2 gig
    _DD orch. brass should be 1 gig
    _Leap Brass some 500 mb
    _Harp,Piano,drum kits, upright bass and so on.
    This comes up to nearly 10 gig of ram no kiddin\'.
    with Ram limitation on PC wich is around 1,5gig at the very best.
    2) High polyphony is what the Nemesys NCS44 was supposed to give us = 4x times the polyphony of a Gigasampler =4x64=256
    Now the same thing with Gigastudio 160=4x160=640
    If you cut it in half to get stereo=320 voices
    I would say that it\'s plenty of course but not too much I you really hate clicks & pops like I do
    a rock solid system to run gigastudio with rockin\' CPU power
    10 gig of Ram
    Tascam hardware quality & knowhow.
    128 midi channels (at least 64 in please)
    Fully compatible with comon studio equipment (at least the Tascam line of products, refering to sx1 & MX-2424 not fully compatible)

    Imop You\'ll get a winner and we\'ll get the most powerfull Ultimate sampler ever built ; and I can\'t think of anyone beeing too nostalgic over dealing with windows and mocking ¨PCs

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    Re: Help me Mr. Tascam

    And how much will someone be willing to pay for such a sampler? And how many people will buy that smapler? I think it would be more feasable for them to improve on what they have.
    Jus had to give my 2 bits

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    Re: Help me Mr. Tascam

    Dear Bodhiman Good Questions
    I would personnaly be ready to pay let\'s say... around 10 000$ wich is is a good bit a year income for the least.
    As for who\'s ready to do the same ???
    I gess some
    But the time I would save over a year of tweaking a PC is huge and my incomes would greatly benefit from this.
    I\'m only speaking for myself, and am curious to hear what others have to respond to Bodhiman\' s questions

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    Re: Help me Mr. Tascam

    The computer is the ultimate platform, there is just no doubt about it. I look at where computers over the last fifteen years have come from, and where they are headed, I mean, my god, you can get a 1.5 gig cpu for less than $300 now. Computer manufactureres are finally realizing that, for the majority of home computers, a good modem, lots of hard drive, some game capabilites, but not nearly what was asked of computers and games ten years ago, good word processing and desktop publishing, filemakers, data bases - everyone seems pretty satisfied with what they have, thus the market for home computers has crashed. But, not the need for specialized applications such as graphics and music. Bill Gates realizes this and is working on a \'dedicated\' windows, rather than a mishmash of application ready .dll files. Creating \'hardware\' applications for samplers gets back to the days where you could never keep up with technology without finally spending more quantities of money for improved hardware...it\'s inevitable....it\'s business. Tascam must despise computer software application, they don\'t control the hardware market. No, put pressure on computer component manufacturers and software designers to improve the dedicated performance of the computer. It\'s a lot cheaper to follow the advances in music technology, without costing an arm and a leg, like the seventies and eighties when your keyboard was \'just not enough\' anymore. The computer - that\'s the future, not dedicated pieces of hardware - that\'s the past.

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    Re: Help me Mr. Tascam

    Well,well now we\'re talking.
    Personnally I could not agree less than with that.
    Please take a closer look at the piece of hardware I\'m dreamin on :
    _Gigs of Ram
    _320 voices of polyphony in stereo
    _Reliability and total integretion with 24/96
    of the finest Tascam hardware.
    If with this killer you\'re still afraid to run short, and to be left behind by the pack;
    well you sure have high expectations of our future needs.
    This would be a killer !!!
    And I am sure of one thing : if something ever beat it someday itwont be a PC!
    Maybe 4 of them running giga at the same time yeah.
    But then the price will come up to the same amount.
    That\'s what I think.

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    Re: Help me Mr. Tascam

    You know what worries me about that. Access! Tascam controls the hardware. It reminds me of a dreadful return to the days when only a select few expensive studios handled 2-inch, 24 track machines and you paid dearly to use them, to get the most out of your creativity. No, enough \'basement tapes\', everything you talk about is very, very possible within the world of computers, computers that multi-task music. Imagine the potential with: dedicated platform, advanced RPM hard drives, 5 or more gig cpu, midi, internet access to sounds and sharing ideas, and, of course, final production, - all in one affordable machine. Oh man, the recording companies would hate that. No, I\'ve spent too much money down the road, the computer - that\'s power!

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    Re: Help me Mr. Tascam

    Minnow I am actually talking about a machine which is a dedicated platform, advanced hard disk system (ultra2 SCSI to move your drives just like between Tascam MX 2424 and ProTools)
    4x1.? gig cpu
    128 midi tracks
    keep a Pc for internet that\'s what it does best and maybe using Logic or anything that feels good on PC
    As for finalization I think Tascam is on it\'s way with the SX-1.there again I wouldn\'t mind using my PC for doing that since it\'s a more open architecture.
    But when it comes down to accomplishing a single & huge task as running Gigastudio in high Polyphony (like 128 midi tracks playing stereo sounds with cool real time layering features)with gigs of sounds loaded and without a single click or pops.
    I\'m sure it would take several PCs to do that.
    And it\'s a new Tascam version of a product like the former NCS44 hybrid with tascam\'s SX-1 and MX-2424 or anything else they can come up with.
    And of course Gigastudio should be further developed as supposed to run properly on everybody\'s PC; further increasing the power of their new Giga hardware.
    We would all benefit from it you see.
    And the price should be kept reasonable for medium project studio, tv and film scorer, university and music school or anyone who can afford it ( Well around 15 000$ I should say)
    But then I would call it a rather definitive tool:
    _Are you really going to need something better than 24/96 quality ?
    _Are 320 stereo voices over the critical mass ?
    _Are 128 midi tracks enough for full orchestra scoring ?
    I doubt that we will musically ever need more than this personally; but I\'m ready to hear more from someone else\'s needs
    Take Care

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    Re: Help me Mr. Tascam

    Any dedicated hardware will always cost double or triple what a PC will cost. They just can\'t sell enough units to keep the price down. Dedicated hardware usually means expensive upgrades - you can\'t just slap another mainboard, processor, etc. into these units.

    I think computers are still the way to go. You just have to optimize the OS for GigaStudio. Just look at how cheap the upgrades are for your standard ATX computer system. If you need more processing power, you go out and buy a new motherboard and processor. Soundcard is not up to snuff, go out and buy a newer one that fits your budget. Can\'t load enough samples, buy more memory. There are motherboards available that accept 2 GB of memory. In another year, that may double.

    You are just not going to have these options with dedicated hardware.

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    Re: Help me Mr. Tascam

    Hi folks,

    Mr. TASCAM here. Trust me that I find this conversation about theoretical hardware devices extremely informative. The more specific you can be about this topic (and you\'re doing great so far), the better we can get an idea of what would really help you in terms of feature set, price and so on.

    So, please continue this dialog about this hypothetical hardware device about which I currently cannot acknowledge any plans.


    - Jeff

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    Re: Help me Mr. Tascam

    Hi Jeff[Mr Tascam guy]
    I think it\'s clear from this thread that the majority of people here would like to see Giga studio stay in software form and to continue running on any third party pc[not a Tascam proprietary computer].
    But from your statement [reading between the lines ]I see that Tascam has possible plans on a harware version .
    Can you promise us Giga users if Tascam develops that hardware product ,that they will continue to develop and support a software version of giga studio?
    Thanks , Ken

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