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Topic: Whacky mod wheel in Kontakt?

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    Whacky mod wheel in Kontakt?

    If I use the user scaling option on a midi controller - specifically CC#1 (mod wheel) - to create crossfades or similar level curves where the patch might be expected to be at full volume when the controller is at its zero position, the patch loads silent. If I move the controller, the patch wakes up, but on initial load if you hit keys you\'ll see activity but the patch will react as though the mod wheel has set level at zero.

    Anyone else seen this?

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    Re: Whacky mod wheel in Kontakt?

    Just thought you guys would appreciate the response from NI on this:

    \"I added this to our bugbase because I completely reproduced this.
    Unfortunately this won´t be fixed in the 1.5 Version, but we will test with it. If you want, send me a mail for remembering that I test
    this again when the 1.5 is finished this week.

    Best regards
    Rico Baade\"

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    Re: Whacky mod wheel in Kontakt?

    Yes, it\'s a real bad one. I was going to use modwheel for ENV attack times. Similar thing happens. After loading the patch, I have to, kind of reset the attack time by moving the modwheel up and down once. Then it works, until I load the patch again. I first thougt a workaround would be to switch directions on the modulation and the initial attack. It doesn\'t help.

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    Re: Whacky mod wheel in Kontakt?

    Using Midi remote, seem to be an ok workaround. Only positive values though.


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