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Topic: Gigasampler and Cubase VST

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    Gigasampler and Cubase VST

    I\'m having some difficulty in sequencing Gigasampler (v1.62) with Cubase VST 5. I\'m able to play GS just fine from my MIDI keyboard controller and capture the MIDI data in Cubase. However, when I try to play back from Cubase, I\'m not able to hear the output from GS. I have GS routed through outs 3/4 of my Delta 66 card and Cubase uses outs 1/2. I\'m using the new Delta Multiclient drivers. My Cubase MIDI track is set to channel 1 and the instrument is loaded into MIDI channel 1 of GS. One thing I noticed is that the MIDI inputs from my Midiman MIDISport 4X4 show up as options in GS, but I\'m not sure how to route the MIDI output from Cubase to one of these inputs. I trieds sending it through the MIDI out to my controller keyboard and setting my keyboards MIDI out to thru. This caused everything to crash (endless MIDI loop?) Cubase shows that MIDI data is being sent out, but no sound from GS. Any help that can be provided would be appreciated. I\'m excited to get rolling with GS! Thank you.

    Heath Weber

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    Re: Gigasampler and Cubase VST

    Have you set the midi output in vst to Nemesys midiport 1 & are you opening vst from inside giga ?

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    Re: Gigasampler and Cubase VST

    Thanks for your reply, Andy. I got it working last night. I have a 4x4 MIDI interface and for some reason I need to set Cubase to send to the Gigasampler/Endless Wave port and set GS to receive on MIDI port D. This seems odd to me and I\'m not sure I understand why GS wants to receive on that port only, but it works now.

    Hey, you don\'t live in the Pennridge School district in Bucks County, PA, do you? I new an Andy Grim in high school.

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