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Topic: Tutorial CD

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    Tutorial CD

    What ever happened to the tutorial CD by Dave G? Anyone know why it\'s not being offered anywhere?


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    Re: Tutorial CD

    It\'s on sale now.

    At last, on sale now at www.nemesysmusic.com
    4 CD-ROMS
    Over 6 hours of personal video instruction by Kevin Phelan and me.
    A full DX piano (8 vel Stereo)
    and drum kit (4 vel stereo)
    (Some assembly required)

    The lessons are loss-less real-time screen captures of the actual
    GigaStudio and Editor being operated by me as we teach you how to use it. Most of the lessons also have in-synch video inserts (picture in picture) of the MIDI controller and keyboard so you can see what is happening in the real physical world while watching the results on the software screen. We also created color-coded graphics to better explain the filters and velocity curves and other fancy features.
    $59.99 an irresistible price.
    Alternatively, you can also fly me out to your studio for in person training. (a bit more expensive though)
    David Govett

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    Re: Tutorial CD

    Tascam just informed me it\'s backordered 2-3 weeks, so don\'t hold your breath. OTOH, orders placed NOW should be shipped sooner than orders placed in 2-3 weeks... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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