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Topic: GigaStudio Midifile CRASH

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    GigaStudio Midifile CRASH

    I running Windows XP and recently upgraded from GigaSampler to GigaStudio 96. I have a number of Midifiles that I used to be able to drop on GigaSampler (which would then automatically launch Cubase and load the appropriate General Midi sounds from the Conexant library.

    Starting with a Clean Windows XP system, I installed Cubase V5.1, GigaStudio V2.5 and Conexant GM500. When I drop the same Midifiles on GigaStudio, it crashes immediately.

    The same Midifiles can be imported to Cubase and seem ok.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: GigaStudio Midifile CRASH

    I believe it\'s a bug that has been fixed in the 2.52.06 beta version that can be downloaded from Nemesys.

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