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Topic: Using NFX4...

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    Re: Using NFX4...

    EQ, hmm? Well, try this...

    Take a sample that you\'ve got. A good example would be QLB\'s french horn sustain, if you\'ve got it. Either way, load up a sample and add NFX4 then click Edit.

    Raise the slider that says \"H\" up near the top and play the sample. Hear the difference? Now drop that same slider all the way down and play it again. Hear the difference now?

    EQ basically changes the lo, mid and hi (for NFX4\'s 3-band, that is... there are others with many more sliders). Very helpful for doing things like putting an instrument \"in the back\" (dropping some lows and mids and maybe adding a little extra reverb).

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    Using NFX4...

    Hello everybody,

    I use NFX1, NFX2 and NFX3 a lot, and enjoy the different combinations between them.

    I just don\'t understand the usage of NFX4!

    Can anyone explain its purpose to me?


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    Re: Using NFX4...

    I have to say that NemeScam could have given a slightly more flexible EQ. Would be nice if one could adjust the right slider as well in the green EQ graph...to narrow down the freq. to be cut.

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    Re: Using NFX4...

    Agreed. The EQ actually works pretty well but is limited since you can\'t adjust the bandwidth of the high frequency slider. This plug-in actually appears identical to the EQ sections in the other plug-ins.

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    Re: Using NFX4...

    The EQ was not originally intended for release with Gigastudio. I remember begging for any kind of eq, no matter how minor. There\'s no question that it\'s a stop gap measure while the guys put something more hardcore together.

    I suppose that after they put the eq out, Nemesys found themselves too busy chasing down bugs to actually do too much development prior to starting V3. I\'m sure we\'ll see some nice parametric/paragrahic eq when V3 comes out.

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