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Topic: Guidance on sampling in GS, please!

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    Guidance on sampling in GS, please!

    Hello Fellow GigaFreaks!

    I am in desperate need of guidance in the matter of sampling your own sounds in GigaStudio. I\'m finally ready to move on after spending most of my time playing around with sounds I downloaded online and a few sample libraries that I had from my old EMU..

    When I bought GigaStudio about a year ago, they gave me a copy of GigaSampler and an Update for GigaStudio96. The only documentation that came along was the manual for GigaSampler and not a single line about GigaStudio96 besides the stuff in the help file, which is not very thorough!..

    I know that I\'m asking for a lot, but all I need are some simple guidelines on where to start and where to end. How to span the freshly sampled sounds to each key on my keyboards and stuff like that. I assume that GigaStudio is capable of doing this by default.

    I hope that some of you are willing to help a newbie in this specific area. :-)

    Thanks in advance,

    Thomas Regin.

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    Re: Guidance on sampling in GS, please!

    Well, if you have the Gigasampler manual and CD, you are already halfway there.

    The editor is still the same (with a few extra functions though!). If you look on the Giga*sampler* CD, there is a directory with some tutorial instrument files - you can use this with the manual from around p.70 to get you going.

    Since everything works pretty much the same with Gigastudio, this should get you going quite nicely!

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    Re: Guidance on sampling in GS, please!

    These should also be relevant:


    One thing to remember:

    When you assign a sample to a resgion, make sure they are the same - mono or stereo. Mono wavs can\'t be dropped on stereo regions and vice versa.
    Also, the editor won\'t let you assign a MIX of stereo and mono wavs. If you\'re using the wizard, make sure all your samples are one or the other. If not, assign manually.

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    Re: Guidance on sampling in GS, please!

    Hey guys!

    Thanks very much for your replies!.. I can\'t wait to get started!!..

    Thomas Regin.

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