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Topic: Controller Suggestions Please

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    Controller Suggestions Please


    After many battles with my Korg Trinity, i\'m selling it. First reason, i havent used the internal sounds in ages. Secondly, i can\'t stand the key action. Call me a wimp, but regardless of what curve i set, it is never comfortable. I have to beat the hell out of it to get higher velocity samples to trigger.

    Also, the keys feel \'mushy\'. At home i use a Roland A-37, it has \'candy-keys\', which i like for most things, just not piano playing (plus it is not 88).

    I\'m looking for something in the middle of these two. I want weighted, but ones that spring back quickly. The Trinity does not, they seem to bounce a bit when they come back. Very annoying! I LOVE the way my old upright plays. Sounds terrible by todays standards but the keys are just right!!!

    Right now, i\'m eye balling the SL-990. Any comments? I found alot on the SL-880 in past postings, but nothing on the 990.

    Any comments are much appreciated!


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    Re: Controller Suggestions Please

    I\'ve used both very recently. I\'d been using the 990 for the past two months. It has that in-between weighted and synth action, skewing a little toward the weighted side. My only complaint was that it was way too easy to hit high velocities, and I play with a fairly light touch.

    I just switched to the SL-880. To my hands, it has a much different action. Much more weight in the keys without it being \"stiff.\" It puts up more of a fight and doesn\'t hit the upper velocities so easily.


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    Re: Controller Suggestions Please

    Check out the Roland A-90. A myriad killer features, great action and a breath control input built in.

    I\'ve yet to find its equal.


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    Re: Controller Suggestions Please


    I use the Motif 8 Classic..weighted keys..works for me..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Controller Suggestions Please

    Thanks guys for the suggestions, i\'ll try out a handful next weekend. I\'d like to not buy into a controller with sounds, since i\'ll never use them. Never, ever.

    Lee, you had a hard time playing in the pocket w/ the SL series ? Hmmm, ever played a Trinity? That\'s exactly how i feel on the Trinity, I determined the way it should be played is standing up in a rock n roll context. Only way to dig in.

    But, i will try out all the sugestions!

    Thanks Again!

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    Re: Controller Suggestions Please

    Wait to check out the M-Audio Keystation Pro88...should be out March-April...downside is that M-Audio isn\'t giving any price info out. But, it looks like a nice controller. I personally have a Sl-880 pro and like it quite a bit.

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    Re: Controller Suggestions Please

    Yes indeed, love it! I have had mine since it released, and loath the day it can\'t be repaired. I have had no problems with it. They don\'t make the A90 anymore, but there are some around on Ebay occasionally, or elsewhere. I also have a korg Wavestation A/D, which died about a month ago. I had it repaired and am thankful I don\'t need to throw it into the land fill.


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