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Topic: The hard way, could you explain...(sampler tab) Doug?

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    The hard way, could you explain...(sampler tab) Doug?

    Yes, I am definitely doing my unity notes the hard way, right clicking each sample and changing them, god, what a mental exercise that is! And, prone to errors I\'m sure. Are you talking about the \'sampler tab\' in GigaStudio and where do you go, or what\'s the next step in changing the unity notes from there? Your advice worked by the way. Just learning the editor, but everything is working! Finally! I appreciate your help. By the way, you seem to have been around this forum for quite some time, what is your take on the Tascam aquisition. Do you think they\'re going to dedicate themselves to software? They never have before. I use to work with an old 8 track 1/2 inch tascam deck, great workhorse, I\'m rambling...that\'s what happens when you\'re in your 50\'s and in music almost as long. Digital has been a really pleasant adventure for my co-writer and myself. Thanks again for your help, Doug.

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    Re: The hard way, could you explain...(sampler tab) Doug?

    Hi, Minnow, As you\'ve figured out, you can edit a sample\'s unity note in two places in the Giga editor: 1) by right clicking the sample and changing it or 2) by selecting a region and changing it in the sampler tab.

    Let\'s say you are using your samples in two different instruments within one .gig file (the obvious example being a transposed and a non-transposed instrument derived from the same samples). If you edit the unity notes in sample\'s property window this change will become global, affecting that sample in every instrument--this may or may not be what you want. By editing the unity note from the Sampler tab instead, your changes would be made only in that specific region of that one instrument.

    This leads me to another comment. When you are editing an instrument it\'s good to work from a copy unless you are certain the original version will never be of use to you. In the instrument window select the instrument, use the copy command and then the paste command to make a new instrument that you will edit from. Both instruments will share the same samples so file size will not be an issue. Hope that helps!

    I think the Tascam acquisition will be excellent for the Giga platform. Time will tell! - Doug

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